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Myopia is another term for the common condition of short-sightedness, meaning that objects that are far away appear blurred.

Although there is no cure for short-sightedness, we can now offer a range of ground-breaking new treatments termed ‘myopia control’. These are particularly effective in preventing short-sightedness from getting worse in children.

Myopia occurs when the power of the eye is too great, causing light to focus in front of the retina instead of directly on it, resulting in blurred vision. It is usual to see myopia increasing through childhood as the eye grows and so early intervention to prevent this is important. Myopia also increases your child’s risk of eye diseases later in life and so keeping their prescription lower limits this risk.

The first step is to book a routine eye examination with one of our Optometrists who will assess your child’s eyesight. In appropriate cases we can discuss methods of myopia control at that first appointment, or we may suggest monitoring change over a 6 month period.

We typically start myopia control with children from 6 years old until the eye stops growing at around 15 years of age. Book a routine eye exam for your child today to ensure we can start treating any concerns early and safeguard your child’s eye health for life.

There are a number of myopia control options now available, allowing us to design the best solution to suit your child. As specialists in this developing field, we can offer three effective methods of myopia control:

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We are so impressed with the service you provide ... We have total FAITH in all of you and that is not something which we say lightly ... We thank you again for your excellent service.


Professor Diane R. Von Helmholtz and Mrs Bryda Von Helmholtz

I would like to thank Spectacular Opticians for their professional approach and the ongoing support that they have given me over the last few years. I was having constant problems with my eye sight, until I received a very thorough sight test from one of their Optometrists, and now I can live and work in extreme comfort.


Mrs Daphne Gilby, Chatteris

Spectacular Opticians, thank you for the professional help and support received by my team this week. Our glasses are lovely and we are very pleased with the service, efficiency and price.


Odette and all at Brides by Solo, Newmarket

The young lady attending to me was exceptional with the time and care she took over my difficulty. I just wanted to say a special thank you for the hour you spent looking after me.


Mr Michael Stone

A huge thank you to your Downham Market branch who fitted me in at very short notice today when I presented with a painful eye. Both Tesco and Specsavers refused to see me until next week once they had established I wasn’t after a ‘standard’ eye test, despite me clearly being in pain. The receptionist at Downham couldn’t have been more helpful, and the optician gave up part of his lunch break to see me. That’s what I call excellent customer service, well done.


Mrs Pauline Finnerty, Downham Market

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